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  • Loving Our Colors!

    We LOVE Colors

    At Class Act Tutu we LOVE our Color Layered Romantic Tutu styles.  We have so many colors of our exquisite tulle, that your options are nearly unlimited.

    Depth, Shading & a Stunning Visual

    Layering colors adds depth and shading that changes with movement and provides an absolutely stunning performance.  We think this look works very well for your Nutcracker Ballet's Waltz of the Flowers or Snow Scene. Check out our "Rose Splendor" ensemble in action in the video below.

    Ballet Academy East, George Balanchine's The Nutcracker™ Waltz of the Flowers.

    Dress Up Your Barbie

    One way to easily visualize how your color choices come together is to order our ruffled swatch sets and to dress up your Barbie (or soda bottle or whatever!).

    Tutu Swatches

    Order Your Color Cards and Ruffled Swatches Today!

    The price of our Tutu Bodice & Skirt Color cards and/or our Ruffled Swatch sets is deducted from your tutu order and shipping is FREE!  Order today and plan your Nutcracker Ballet tutus!

    Ruffled Swatches

    As always, if you need any assistance, contact us at 800.820.1667 or drop us an email. We are always happy to assist you.

  • Sightings: Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's Waltz of the Flowers

    It is so fun to see what various companies do in presenting The Nutcracker Ballet (and pretty fun to find they are wearing our tutus when doing it!).

    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet   Photo: Rosalie O'Connor Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Photo: Rosalie O'Connor

    In Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's Nutcracker, instead of the Land of the Sweets, Clara is brought to a beautiful turn-of-the-century carousel, complete with blinking light bulbs and vintage carousel animals.  We found this photo of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's "Flowers" wearing  Class Act Tutus posted in the Photo Essay: Nutcrackers Around the Nation Display Regional Flair from PBS.   Check Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's performance information on their website and get your tickets to see this lovely version of The Nutcracker Ballet.

    These Waltz of the Flowers Tutus feature Class Act Tutu's Scoop Neck Bodice with  a Color-Layered Romantic Tutu with Basque.  Embellishment by the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Costume Shop.

    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Time Out Magazine Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Time Out Magazine
  • "Lavender Meadow" Tutu Ensemble

    Our "Lavender Meadow" ensemble boldly goes where no "shrinking violet" has gone before! Taking our inspiration from nature's most fragrant fields, Lavender Meadow boasts a spectacular display of rich, vibrant color that is guaranteed to put a dash of "pizazz" in your Nutcracker's Waltz of the Flowers! Opulent hues such as wood violet, deep purple, lavender and soft pink create a show stopping ensemble that is sure to please audience members, both young and old alike.

    As with all of our exclusive Nutcracker ensembles, Lavender Meadow is available at an incredible savings for one week only! Order yours TODAY!

  • Dior Roses

    A couture touch, a designer detail, a signature:  designers since the dawn of haute couture have made flowers and trims from ribbons and fabric, but none is as famous as the Dior rose.  Dior allowed his roses to cascade down ball-gown backs; he used them to call attention to the nipped waists on suit jackets and evening dresses...

    From:  Distinctive Details:  Great Embellishment Techniques for Clothing p. 62

    I first used "Dior Roses" to embellish tutus more than a decade ago.  I love them.  They are fun, simple and a wonderful use for all of those little scraps of fabric.

    Here is a recent post from Threads Magazine that does a perfect job of explaining how to Create a Detachable Flower Embellishment.


    This is the perfect finish to your "Rose Splendor" tutu ensemble.  At Class Act Tutu we are happy to provide you with extra fabric for your tutu finishing needs (available only with tutu purchase).  Just contact us!

  • Waltz of the Flowers

    The Nutcracker Ballet's Waltz of the Flowers ...

    Waltz of the Flowers Group 72

    Romance. Beauty. Joy. These are just some of the words that come to mind when we think of the Waltz of the Flowers and--more specifically--our color-layered "Flower" tutus!


    Because our designs are plucked directly from the meadows and forest glades of dreams, bursting with color and light. From the Amaryllis to the Zinnia, from the bold to the delicate, Class Act Tutu has collected a stunning bouquet of inspiration that will help you create the most visually captivating Nutcracker ever!

    Over the next several weeks, we'll be sharing some of our favorite floral designs. These choice tutus are sure to whisk your mind off to an enchanted garden where lilacs and roses dance in delight!

    But before you take off on a fragrant "flight of fancy", we want to hear from you! Tell us which flower(s) have given you inspiration or what flowers you would like to see us "collect"! We may share your ideas in an upcoming post.

  • Sightings: Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's The Nutcracker

    You can spot some tutus from Class Act in the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's Nutcracker.

    Watch for the Waltz of the Flowers,

    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's Waltz of the Flowers Tutu  Dancer/Model Samantha Klanac


    The Mirlitons, and the Ballerina Dolls!

    Mirliton Rendering for Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Mirliton by CJDL Design


    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's Nutcracker can be seen in

    Aspen on December 5 & 6

    and in Santa Fe on December 12 and 13.

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