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  • Where do I start?


    It is the time of year where we get a lot requests for help for first-time tutu buyers. Don't worry! We understand that tutus are pretty crazy garments and we are happy to assist. Here are some tips we have for getting you started.

    Class Act Tutu Class Act Tutu Style: Scoop-Neck Tutu Bodice with Nude Inset and Classical Skirt Color: Ivory

    How to Order Your Tutus

    At Class Act Tutu our tutu pieces & options are sold separately.  This way you can get just the tutu that you want—no more—no less—and you can mix & match for greater costume options.

    Step 1: Choose your bodice style.

    Step 2: Choose skirt style(s).

    Step 3: Choose your bodice and/or skirt color(s).

    Step 4: Choose the options & accessories that you want.

    Step 5: Choose your size.

    • Refer to our handy How to Measure section for advice on obtaining correct measurements and to print our measurement form where you can record these measurements.
    • Then check our Standard Size Chart to pick your correct size.
    • If you would like our assistance in choosing your size, you may submit your measurement form with your order.
    • If you are not basing your order on specific measurements, use the reference to “Typical Clothing Size” that is found on our Standard Size Chart to help guide your choice.

    Step 6: Place your order online at by adding each item to your shopping cart.  You may:

    • Complete the checkout process and you are done!   or
    • “Save” your items to the cart for later checkout.
    • You can also enter your purchase into your shopping cart, indicate Check/Money Order for payment method, and submit.


    • Just submit your "wish list" via email and we will write up an estimate to get you started. Don't worry about all of the details. We are happy to assist you!

    Choices for Ordering Tutus

  • Quick Tip: Get More out of your Tutus

    Mix, Match & Share!

    Your tutu bodice and skirt separates should be attached together after they have been fit.  This is essential so that there is no gaping during performance.

    Want to get more out of your tutu bodice and tutu skirt purchase? Use this trick to pair your bodice with different skirts. This way you can pair one bodice with more than one skirt to change:

    • Tutu Style
    • Tutu Size
    • Tutu Skirt Length
    • Tutu Colors

    Use Buttonhole Elastic & Suspender Buttons

    Secure your bodice to your skirt using buttonhole elastic for the tabs. Place small, flat buttons on the inside of the waistband. These buttons and "buttonholes" can be placed all around the tutu skirt and bodice. We place our buttons and elastic at the center front, side front, side and side back seams. That way, skirts & bodices can be easily switched.

    Buttonhole Elastic

    At Class Act Tutu, we are now offering Buttonhole Elastic/Button kits. Check it out!

  • Sightings! Signature Theatre's "And the Curtain Rises"

    Take a look at our romantic tutu skirts and "Sweetheart" tutu bodices used  in Signature Theatre's production of, And the Curtain Rises.

    "The world premiere musical comedy And the Curtain Rises loosely re-imagines the theatrical bedlam surrounding the creation of the first American musical.

    Set in 1866, this classic backstage tale follows novice producer William Wheatley as he finds his production in shambles: bruised egos, secret plots, romance, some skimpy costumes, an uncompromising author, and a cast on the verge of revolt. All is complicated when a French ballet troupe is forced to seek refuge in his theatre after a fire erupts in an adjacent theatre..." To learn more about the production or for ticket information, please click here.

    {Photos appear courtesy of Signature Theatre; Photography by Scott Suchman}

  • Sightings: Whole Foods

    How Fun is This?

    Here is the Florida Classical Ballet Theatre performing in the produce section at Whole Foods Market in Palm Beach Gardens!

    Florida Classical Ballet


    Style shown is Class Act Tutu's "Bird of Paradise" Color-Layered Romantic Tutu Skirts.

    click for more information on this performance

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