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  • Reset

    We are so thrilled with how this custom costume turned out. This leotard/saucer tutu was created for Reset. Reset was choreographed by Justin Allen for a contemporary solo by Sarah Lapointe at the 2015  YoungArts Miami performance.

    Sarah is a student at The Rock School for Dance Education.  All Photos, ©Vikki Sloviter Photography.

    Sarah Lapointe, ©Vikki Sloviter Photography Sarah Lapointe, ©Vikki Sloviter Photography

  • A Peek Inside: The Rock School's Nutcracker 1776

    The Rock School's "Nutcracker 1776"


    The Rock School for Dance Education's 'Nutcracker 1776' provides a delightful patriotic twist to a traditional holiday classic. Nutcracker 1776 "tells the tale of two children entrusted with an enchanted key and Nutcracker that lead them far from their home in colonial Philadelphia."

    Not only were we at Class Act Tutu proud to have created some of the production's costumes, we were curious about the inspiration behind this beloved production.

    We posed our questions to The Rock School's directors, Bojan and Stephanie Spassoff.

    What was the inspiration behind Nutcracker 1776? Why did the school decide to "travel off the beaten path" and branch out like this? (Which by the way, was an awesome idea!)

    We wanted to "re-invent" a new Nutcracker.  Distill it and make it Philadelphia-centric.  Ben Franklin is our "Drosselmeyer" figure - a cross between Dumbledore and Drosselmeyer.  Instead of a German Parlor in the opening scene we are in Ye Olde City Tavern Inn, a real Philadelphia tavern  during colonial times where virtually all of the Founding Founders met, discussed and planned the issues of the day.  This seemed to us to make it much more personal for our Philadelphia audience as well as sneaking in some actual history.

    How has the community received the production over the years?

    This is only our third year of doing this production but the response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.   The School's Rock Reach outreach program has a special dress rehearsal for over 1,800 under served children from schools in Philadelphia, Camden and Chester County.  The children are thrilled to see what may be their first and only Nutcracker.  The response rivals a rock concert!

    That's amazing! So do you offer a more traditional production as well? If so, how do attendance/ticket sales compare between the two?

    No, we do not as this production is specifically geared to be more accessible for families with young children and fathers who do not want to sit for two and a half hours.  It is truly still a traditional Nutcracker.  We try to keep it fresh every year by adapting to the students enrolled in The School.

    In closing, what advice would you give other dance schools or companies looking to spice things up over the holidays?

    Just look at your audience to see what is going to make it more feasible for them to go and enjoy something for the whole family, that is beautiful, elegant, and yet dynamic.  It is also important to review show times, assess when the performances are better attended, and to take into consideration feedback from the audiences.  Incorporating elements of magic, the unexpected and a variety of smaller charming little parts for children in the production is pleasing to both participants and the audience.  Keep the joy in the dancing!

    For more information about Nutcracker 1776 or to purchase tickets, please visit their website at

    Class Act Tutu created the V-Neck Tutu Bodices and the Romantic Skirts with Basque (color:  White) for The Rock School's Snow Scene as well as the "Betsy Ross" Classical Tutu Skirt (color: Royal Basque/Red Skirt   style:  soft classical).

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