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  • Loving Our Colors!

    We LOVE Colors

    At Class Act Tutu we LOVE our Color Layered Romantic Tutu styles.  We have so many colors of our exquisite tulle, that your options are nearly unlimited.

    Depth, Shading & a Stunning Visual

    Layering colors adds depth and shading that changes with movement and provides an absolutely stunning performance.  We think this look works very well for your Nutcracker Ballet's Waltz of the Flowers or Snow Scene. Check out our "Rose Splendor" ensemble in action in the video below.

    Ballet Academy East, George Balanchine's The Nutcracker™ Waltz of the Flowers.

    Dress Up Your Barbie

    One way to easily visualize how your color choices come together is to order our ruffled swatch sets and to dress up your Barbie (or soda bottle or whatever!).

    Tutu Swatches

    Order Your Color Cards and Ruffled Swatches Today!

    The price of our Tutu Bodice & Skirt Color cards and/or our Ruffled Swatch sets is deducted from your tutu order and shipping is FREE!  Order today and plan your Nutcracker Ballet tutus!

    Ruffled Swatches

    As always, if you need any assistance, contact us at 800.820.1667 or drop us an email. We are always happy to assist you.

  • Urban Nutcracker

    We are sharing this fun post from Dustin Todd Rennells that talks about creating all new costumes for Tony Williams', Urban Nutcracker.  Enjoy!

    by Dustin Todd Rennells

    Katrina Gould in Tony Williams' Urban Nutcracker Photo: RavenWolfe Photography Katrina Gould in Tony Williams' Urban Nutcracker Photo: RavenWolfe Photography

    This was one of my favorite overall projects to do for Urban Nutcracker. This tutu came to us at a great price from Class Act Tutu when I begged for a good price for our amazing show. It came naked just wine and black. Through the help of numerous volunteers all the gold window panes and sequined borders were sewn on and tacked down. First is Katrina Gould as Sugar with her backup of Sugar Plum Attendants in several beautiful images by RavenWolfe Photography. Next is my original drawing of the piece that I had envisioned. This is most likely the closest to my original idea. Lastly is the tutu we had used for 6+ years. Definitely a new concept here! Sugar embodies the city of Boston, wine/brick red like the buildings with glowing lights of a city during the holidays. Thanks to Anita Handy-Velasquez, Amanda Lapham, Yara Figueroa, Molly Mclaughlin-Drubin and Judith Alvarez for their additional work to this costume and headpiece. Based on original drawings by Rebecca Cross.

    Katrina Gould in Tony Williams' Urban Nutcracker Photo: RavenWolfe Photography Katrina Gould in Tony Williams' Urban Nutcracker Photo: RavenWolfe Photography
    Katrina Gould in Tony Williams' Urban Nutcracker Photo: RavenWolfe Photography Katrina Gould in Tony Williams' Urban Nutcracker    Photo: RavenWolfe Photography


    Katrina Gould in Tony Williams' Urban Nutcracker Photo: RavenWolfe Photography Katrina Gould in Tony Williams' Urban Nutcracker    Photo: RavenWolfe Photography


    Concept for Urban Nutcracker's Sugarplum by Dustin Todd Rennells. Concept for Urban Nutcracker's Sugarplum by Dustin Todd Rennells.
  • Quick Tip - Let the Fabric & Trim Do the Work!

    Hand work can be delightful if you have time, but in a crunch, it may not be an option. Here is what I do:

    Find nicely embellished fabric so that little or no adornment needs to be added.
    Find fabric that needs no edge finishing (that is, no hemming).

    My favorite choice is embellished (sequined, beaded, embroidered) tulle like we used in this “Spanish” tutu design:



    To create an overlay for your skirt:

    • Cut a “donut” shape with the “hole” the measurement of the bottom of the tutu basque.
    • Choose the length of the overlay.
    • Cut an 8 inch slit at the center back.


    If needed, use a coordinating trim to edge the outside of the skirt circle.  This trim can be hand stitched or machine sewn.


    For the bodice, cut a shape that follows the lines of the bodice. Again, if needed, outline the fabric with a co-coordinating trim.


    If time and budget permit, add beads or crystals.


    Tack bodice & skirt overlay in place so that it is secure but easy to remove for cleaning.

    Voila!  An elegant tutu embellishment without a lot of stitching time

  • Sightings: Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's Waltz of the Flowers

    It is so fun to see what various companies do in presenting The Nutcracker Ballet (and pretty fun to find they are wearing our tutus when doing it!).

    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet   Photo: Rosalie O'Connor Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Photo: Rosalie O'Connor

    In Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's Nutcracker, instead of the Land of the Sweets, Clara is brought to a beautiful turn-of-the-century carousel, complete with blinking light bulbs and vintage carousel animals.  We found this photo of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's "Flowers" wearing  Class Act Tutus posted in the Photo Essay: Nutcrackers Around the Nation Display Regional Flair from PBS.   Check Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's performance information on their website and get your tickets to see this lovely version of The Nutcracker Ballet.

    These Waltz of the Flowers Tutus feature Class Act Tutu's Scoop Neck Bodice with  a Color-Layered Romantic Tutu with Basque.  Embellishment by the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Costume Shop.

    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Time Out Magazine Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Time Out Magazine
  • Quick Tip: Easy Tutu Skirt Embellishment

     Lilac Fairy Tutu design© CJDL Design

    Make your tutu skirt embellishment easy to place and to remove by attaching it to a lovely trim!

    1. Stitch your appliqués, petals, or whatever decorative pieces you are using to some coordinating trim.  Here we have used a metallic gold.
    2. Sew or glue some gems, beads, sequins, etc.
    3. Hand stitch the trim to the bottom of the tutu basque or waistband.
    4. Tack pieces to the tutu skirt if needed.


    Lilac Fairy Tutu design ©CJDL Design

  • Ring in the Holiday Season with Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker

    Pacific Northwest Ballet corps de ballet dancer Andrew Bartee as the Nutcracker in the fight scene from PNB's Stowell/Sendak Nutcracker. Photo © Angela Sterling


    What puts me in the "holiday spirit"? Well, stuffing myself with turkey doesn't do it. Neither does fighting my way through the crowds on Black Friday. No, what really puts me in the holiday mood is a trip to Seattle Center's McCaw Hall to watch Pacific Northwest Ballet perform its lively Stowell/Sendak production of 'Nutcracker'.

    No matter how many times I've seen it, this perennial favorite never ceases to thrill, delight and amaze me. With sets designed by Maurice Sendak and elaborate props featuring a "growing" Christmas tree, a gigantic Mouse King with sinister tail encircling the stage, to a golden boat sailing along the ocean blue, it's easy to see why Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker is ranked as one of the most beloved productions among its "nutty" peers.

    Maria Chapman and Seth Orza shined in the starring roles of Clara and her handsome Nutcracker Prince. Their final pas de deux was the fuel of dreams - effortless lifts, dazzling smiles and spot-on technique. Together they brought this storybook fantasy adventure to life and carried it all the way through. I even detected a few weeping patrons at the end of Act 2, following Chapman's tearful exit. (That's when you know you've struck that golden chord of connection with your audience! Bravo!)

    Lesley Rauch's interpretation of the Peacock was everything one could hope for - sensuous and beguiling, with a whisper of sadness in her colorful wings. Is she a prisoner? Does she want to escape? Or is she secretly content with her golden confines? If you can make me feel all that, then as far as I'm concerned, you've embodied the role of Peacock!

    Snow on stage!  Pacific Northwest Ballet dancers in the Kent Stowell/Maurice Sendak Nutcracker. Photo © Angela Sterling


    Gorgeous port de bras and swirling tutus made many a young girl gasp during the Waltz of the Flowers with Carrie Imler as "Flora". What I love most about Imler is her innate sense of timing and control. She can go from lightening "quick-quick" turns into a deliberately slow "melt" on.a.dime! She's amazing, folks. Truly amazing.

    Whirling dervishes Jerome Tisserand, Kyle Davis and Ezra Thomson made the little boys in the audience sit up and pay attention. Their electrifying leaps, turns and jumps were perfectly executed and received a boisterous round of applause.

    And speaking of children, it just wouldn't be right NOT to mention the talent and dedication of the Pacific Northwest Ballet school students. Their roles ranged from adorable to breathtaking - from the sweet young Clara and her friendly party guests (with bouncy ringlets and big smiles for the girls and plenty of spirited hijinks from the boys), to the battling soldiers engaged in a fierce war with the creepy giant Mouse King, from the Chinese Tiger's exotic attendants to the charming Toy Theatre dancers. I think it's great to see the school students perform; they not only bring a fresh layer of excitement to the production, but they also inspire the youngest audience members in a way that polished adults cannot.

    Awesome sets, gorgeous costumes, spirited dancing, whirling snowflakes and that famous musical score - I can't think of a better way to ring in the holiday season!

    Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker runs through December 27th. Great seats are still available! Visit for more information.

  • Sightings: Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's "Nutcracker by the Numbers"

    We love these mathematical rundowns of productions.  It gives a small sense of all the work that goes on behind the scenes to create a performance.  We were thrilled to see this piece posted by Aspen Santa Fe Ballet that show some Class Act Tutus in the piles!

    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, "Nutcracker by the Numbers"


    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet has performances of the Nutcracker in Omaha, Santa Fe and Aspen.  Get your tickets!

  • A Peek Inside: The Rock School's Nutcracker 1776

    The Rock School's "Nutcracker 1776"


    The Rock School for Dance Education's 'Nutcracker 1776' provides a delightful patriotic twist to a traditional holiday classic. Nutcracker 1776 "tells the tale of two children entrusted with an enchanted key and Nutcracker that lead them far from their home in colonial Philadelphia."

    Not only were we at Class Act Tutu proud to have created some of the production's costumes, we were curious about the inspiration behind this beloved production.

    We posed our questions to The Rock School's directors, Bojan and Stephanie Spassoff.

    What was the inspiration behind Nutcracker 1776? Why did the school decide to "travel off the beaten path" and branch out like this? (Which by the way, was an awesome idea!)

    We wanted to "re-invent" a new Nutcracker.  Distill it and make it Philadelphia-centric.  Ben Franklin is our "Drosselmeyer" figure - a cross between Dumbledore and Drosselmeyer.  Instead of a German Parlor in the opening scene we are in Ye Olde City Tavern Inn, a real Philadelphia tavern  during colonial times where virtually all of the Founding Founders met, discussed and planned the issues of the day.  This seemed to us to make it much more personal for our Philadelphia audience as well as sneaking in some actual history.

    How has the community received the production over the years?

    This is only our third year of doing this production but the response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.   The School's Rock Reach outreach program has a special dress rehearsal for over 1,800 under served children from schools in Philadelphia, Camden and Chester County.  The children are thrilled to see what may be their first and only Nutcracker.  The response rivals a rock concert!

    That's amazing! So do you offer a more traditional production as well? If so, how do attendance/ticket sales compare between the two?

    No, we do not as this production is specifically geared to be more accessible for families with young children and fathers who do not want to sit for two and a half hours.  It is truly still a traditional Nutcracker.  We try to keep it fresh every year by adapting to the students enrolled in The School.

    In closing, what advice would you give other dance schools or companies looking to spice things up over the holidays?

    Just look at your audience to see what is going to make it more feasible for them to go and enjoy something for the whole family, that is beautiful, elegant, and yet dynamic.  It is also important to review show times, assess when the performances are better attended, and to take into consideration feedback from the audiences.  Incorporating elements of magic, the unexpected and a variety of smaller charming little parts for children in the production is pleasing to both participants and the audience.  Keep the joy in the dancing!

    For more information about Nutcracker 1776 or to purchase tickets, please visit their website at

    Class Act Tutu created the V-Neck Tutu Bodices and the Romantic Skirts with Basque (color:  White) for The Rock School's Snow Scene as well as the "Betsy Ross" Classical Tutu Skirt (color: Royal Basque/Red Skirt   style:  soft classical).

  • Tutu Ensemble of the Week: Aurora Borealis

    Aurora BorealisGentle and graceful, teasing and elusive, the Aurora Borealis is nature's most dazzling display of perfection.   The Aurora Borealis  calls out to the explorers, dreamers, and star-gazers each evening, gently drawing them near for her private performance.  As she streaks across the heavens in a powerful fusion of color, wind and light, her admirers are rendered speechless--captivated and awestruck by the beauty which is hers alone.  This is the admiration she longs for; this is what brings her life meaning.

    You too can leave your audience speechless with the help of Class Act Tutu's "Aurora Borealis" innspired tutu ensemble! Choose your style of Tutu Bodice in Soft White paired with a 5-Layer Romantic Tutu skirt featuring cascading layers of snowy white, palest pink and icy blue, our Aurora Borealis ensemble is as stunning as the Northern Lights themselves. We  think this would made a stunning snow scene for your Nutcracker Ballet.

    For one week only, you can purchase this celestial charmer at an incredible savings! Click here to order.

  • A Rose...

    "A any other name would smell as sweet." ~ Quote: William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet. For centuries, the rose's elegant beauty and luscious fragrance have inspired countless visions of amour and romance. It is the symbol of true love and effortless grace, unrivaled in appearance and stature. Indeed, a rose is beauty incarnate.

    Class Act Tutu has captured the essence of this beloved blossom in our new " Rose Splendor" ensemble! This glamorous costume is just what your Nutcracker Ballet's, Waltz of the Flowers needs to thrill and dazzle your holiday audience.  This collection features a Dusty Rose Tutu Bodice in your choice of style paired with a 5-Layer Romantic Tutu Skirt in 3 shades of pink and a splash of buttery yellow.

    As always, with the addition of a new ensemble, there is a discount for the 1st week so order now!

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