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  • The Romantic Tutu Skirt

    While ballet tutus can take on many forms, when most people hear the word “tutu” they envision the ethereal Romantic style tutu skirt.  In honor of its timeless beauty, we would like to take a moment and share a little bit about this classic tutu style.

    The Romantic Era of Ballet

    The Romantic Tutu made its debut during the early to mid-19th century, a time in which “romanticism” in art and literature held great influence over the creation of new ballets. By many historical accounts, the Romantic period is considered to have begun with the 1827 Paris debut of La Sylphide where the Romantic Tutu skirt was first worn by Marie Taglioni.

    Marie Taglioni, La Sylphide wearing the first Romantic Tutu Marie Taglioni, La Sylphide wearing the first Romantic Tutu

    Many of these Romantic Ballet stories told tales of conflict between man and nature, society and the supernatural.  This era put the ballerina center stage “floating” on the tip of a toe in the forms of sylphs (La Sylphide), wilis (Giselle), and other ghostly spirits—who enslaved the hearts and senses of mortal men.

    Carlotta Grisi, 1841 as Giselle Carlotta Grisi, 1841 as Giselle

    The Romantic Tutu Skirt

    Due to this marked supernatural influence, the second act of these Romantic ballets (representing the spirit realm) began to be called the “white act” or “ballet-blanc”.  The corresponding costume was an elegant white skirt made of layers upon layers of tulle (fine netting). This other-worldy white skirt was what we’ve come to know as the Romantic Tutu Skirt.  This ghostly vision was enhanced with new developments in theater effects such as gas lighting (that could be dimmed), posing en pointe, and the use of wires to make dancers “fly”.

    What is a Romantic Tutu Skirt?

    Romantic Tutus are long, floating and ethereal.  They are usually 3-5 layers of soft tulle.  These soft layers can begin at the waist (Romantic Tutu) or fall from the high hip for a dropped waist look (Romantic Tutu with Basque).

    At Class Act Tutu, we LOVE romantic tutu skirts.  From the famous classic white to today’s vivid, colorful layers, we have the skill and ingenuity to create the tutu of your dreams!  We encourage you to put one on and get busy enslaving hearts!

    From Vail International Dance Festival, International Festival of Dance II, Giselle, August 4, 2012.  From Vail International Dance Festival, International Festival of Dance II, Giselle, August 4, 2012.
  • Fashion "Tulle’s" for the Fashion Forward

    By Mariangela Abeo

    Gone are the days of going shopping with your mom to the local department store for a prom dress, then hoping and praying that no other girls show up wearing the same thing.  Today’s teens are steeped in the rich fashion molasses that is served to them on everything, everywhere they turn.  From social media, to reality TV, they are on the new fads before even the hipsters have time to make them cool and before a teen celebrity can been seen in it on Instagram or on TMZ.

    The 80s look that so many in my generation loved and cherish, are back – everything from floral and lace, to vibrant colors, punk rock accents and yes, you guessed it – TULLE.  The fabric that every girl, and yes also boys – at some point in their life, secretly want an entire outfit made out of.

    Whether you shop at hip boutiques and consignment shops or mega trendy places like H&M or Forever 21 – pairing tulle tutus and skirts for every day looks, school dances and even Prom – is easy and simple.

    For Prom or Punk

    For example, a Prom show stopper will have flowing tulle, paired with tasteful corsets, lacy tops, tussled hair, and a pretty smokey eye.



    The punk element is one of the reasons shops like Red Light or Trendy Wendy – which we are lucky enough to have in Seattle - are popular – you can find fabulous tops and funky tights to pair with one of Class Act’s 5-layer “Juicy” Bird of Paradise short tutus.  If you aren’t in the Seattle area, find a local vintage or consignment store and a trendy boutique to get necessary outfit pairings.  Big “diva” hair is a must, take your skirt colors to your local MAC counter to get your make-up done – and finish with some FIERCE heels or even grunge it out with some army boots from the Army surplus store!



    Who wore it better? (It won't happen!)

    The wonderful thing about tutus beside the fact that they are handmade, and that tulle personally makes me morph into a 5 year old that squeals with joy even at the sight of it – are that they are unique.  You will not feel like you are in People magazine’s “Who wore it better” because another girl is wearing the same dress.  If you pair it with your street wear, you will be SURE to turn heads, get compliments and be considered a trend setter with peers that may be waiting for someone to stand out before they add a little tulle into their daily wardrobe.

    It's good for the soul

    I asked a few “fashion forward” teens I know, to tell me 3 words that came to mind when they saw tulle in a store or in a magazine – and the theme was consistent: Playful, Fun, Delicate,  Feminine, Beauty, Classy, Diva.  All things all of us, at some point, want to portray with our outfits, right?  Even more reason for me to firmly believe that keeping a good amount of tulle in your closet, is good for the soul…



    Special thanks to Kim and Adam Bamberg of LaVie Photography and Bamberg Fine Art Photography and Oliver Wevers for sharing his lovely home!

  • How to Wear Ballet Skirts

    Pink Romantic Tutu Skirt


    Thanks in part to Natalie Portman's Oscar winning performance in "Black Swan", tutus have become this season's hottest fashion trend. If you're feeling inspired to go ballet chic this spring, Class Act Tutu's got you covered with a variety of custom tutu styles to fit every shape, size and budget imaginable!

    If you're worried you can't wear a tutu skirt because you're too short? tall? busty? {or just might look a bit silly}, have no fear! Simply follow the fashion tips below and you'll be rockin' the catwalk in no time!

    Styles To Best Suit YOU

    Got an athletic shape?
    An embellished top with a longer skirt would suit you best, finished off with a pair of ballet flats.

    On the petite side?
    Keep your skirt length closer to the knee rather than below, lest you look like you're drowning in fabric. Wear with a fitted bustier-style top in a contrasting print for a knockout look.

    Experiment with a more casual look by wearing with a crisp, white shirt knotted at the waist and pair of sleek ballet flats.

    Pear shaped?
    Try long-sleeved fitted tops with boat necklines, or a tank and cardigan set, to balance out your hips and all that tulle!

    Adapted from  Sydney Morning Herald, Life & Style's 3/1/11 post "How to wear ballet skirts"

  • Tutus In Fashion-Feminine Is In

    We knew something was up when we saw an increase in orders from clients who wanted a tutu— NOT FOR DANCING— but for FASHION

    Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2007, Jean-Paul Gaultier Retro.


    Many pointed to Sara Jessica Parker as the reason behind their sudden urge for ballet inspired attire.

    On the Red Carpet

    Perhaps Hollywood is part of the reason behind this latest trend. 

    Nia Long and Lindsey Lohan have been spotted in the same Jill Stuart dress with a white sweetheart bodice and short black romantic tulle skirt mimicking a tutu so well it could be worn as a costume. Juicy Couture recently displayed our tutus in their Manhattan store and we are now selling those same Juicy inspired tutus on our website.

    On the Catwalk

    Possibly more surprising, is the reoccurring theme of tutus in fashion and haute couture.  The ballet phenomenon has been showing up in the most prominent fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, O, Allure and Lucky.  

    When Lucky asked Michael Kors what he thought the best trend for the upcoming season was, he answered, “Dance inspired clothes.” Elle and The New York Times have had articles theorizing the current revival. 

    The New York Times says it well:  When there is confusion in government and blood in the streets, what is the relevance of a girl in a tutu? Perhaps it is her ability to stand above the fray— ultra-feminine, yet supremely athletic.  In a world of disorder, she cleaves to the rigorous rules of dance.  She holds the spotlight and reflects it back into our wearied eyes.(The Jeté Set, Mary Tannen, April 15, 2007)

    Model Laura Gilbreath, Pacific Northwest Ballet wearing Class Act Tutus’ Sweetheart style Bodice with a Romantic Skirt with Basque.

    Sightings of tutus dashing down the runway have run the gamut of styles from Rock and Roll (Gaultier)— to Avant-garde (Commes De Garcons, Chanel)— to the most popular theatrical glamour (Dior, Marchesa, Jill Stuart, Rami Kashou). 

    John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior all draw repeatedly from one of their favorite muses— the Ballet Russes.

    Find the Latest Styles at Class Act Tutu

    Check out our various styles and options so you can, as Vogue described the latest Gaultier show, let your “frothed tulle bob along in a perpetual state of nowness”.

    Class Act Tutu offers tutus, dancewear, accessories and embellishments. We strive to offer professional quality ballet tutus and costumes with your needs in mind and offer a variety of options. Class Act also has the supplies for those who want to make your own tutu or decorate a basic design yourself. Contact us today at 800-820-1667 to order your tutu online, whether for dancing or fashion fun, or to find out about our volume discounts.

    tutus in vogue

  • Sightings: Juicy Couture

    What lovely ballerina is wearing these pointe shoes with a Class Act Tutu?



    It's a 10 foot tall clown in the Juicy Couture holiday display, "The Juicy'ist Show on Earth!"

    Juicy'est Show on Earth!


    Juicy'ist Show on Earth!


    Last year we created some fun tutu skirts for the grand opening of Juicy Couture's 5th Avenue store.  We were thrilled when they called on us again to provide tutus for the holiday display in all of the US Juicy Couture stores!  If you want a "Juicy" tutu of your own,  you can find them at Class Act Tutu in our "Fashion Tutu" section.

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