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Quick Tip: Get More out of your Tutus

Mix, Match & Share!

Your tutu bodice and skirt separates should be attached together after they have been fit.  This is essential so that there is no gaping during performance.

Want to get more out of your tutu bodice and tutu skirt purchase? Use this trick to pair your bodice with different skirts. This way you can pair one bodice with more than one skirt to change:

  • Tutu Style
  • Tutu Size
  • Tutu Skirt Length
  • Tutu Colors

Use Buttonhole Elastic & Suspender Buttons

Secure your bodice to your skirt using buttonhole elastic for the tabs. Place small, flat buttons on the inside of the waistband. These buttons and "buttonholes" can be placed all around the tutu skirt and bodice. We place our buttons and elastic at the center front, side front, side and side back seams. That way, skirts & bodices can be easily switched.

Buttonhole Elastic

At Class Act Tutu, we are now offering Buttonhole Elastic/Button kits. Check it out!

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