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Pacific Northwest Ballet's 'Jewels' Shines Brighter Than Ever

Friday night's opening of Pacific Northwest Ballet's 'Jewels' can be best summed up in two words: Hot DAYYUMM!

With its yummy port de bras and insane amount of bourrées, Emeralds did not disappoint! I loved every moment of this piece, from Elizabeth Murphy's gorgeous lines to Lindsi Dec's stunning pointe work. (I honestly don't think she was on flat for more than 45 seconds...or so it seemed. *Amazing*)

For all the serenity Emeralds brought me, PNB shot my happy factor through the roof with Rubies. Seriously folks...that number was to die for! Leta Biasucci, Laura Tisserand and Jonathan Porretta were nothing short of phenomenal. My cheeks hurt from smiling *this big* the whole time, and my hands felt nearly raw from all the applause. Mr. Porretta never (ever) fails to impress, and the promoted-to-soloist-just-before-curtain Biasucci was a petite force of nature. I loved the chemistry between these two. They looked as though they were having the time of their lives up there. The ever-gorgeous Tisserand - with legs to her chin and sassy "come hither" stare - completely dominated the stage as the "Tall Girl". (Can I see more of these three, Mr. Boal? Thanks!)

Diamonds provided the glittering cherry atop this brilliantly decadent feast. Carla Korbes and Batkhurel Bold danced with all the poise and benevolence of royalty. (Side note: You could've heard a pin drop the second they entered the stage! It was as if the audience knew they were about to witness something magical.) Their dancing nearly brought me to tears - it was THAT beautiful, folks. As we all know, Carla is known for her delicate phrasing and supreme presence. This woman commands and holds your attention like no other! But when paired together with Batkhurel Bold's quiet strength - yes. Magic indeed.

The standing ovation that night was very much deserved. Bravo, PNB...bravo!

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