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  • Pas de Quatre

    New Product! Pas de Quatre Romantic Tutu Ensemble

    Class Act Tutu has captured the essence of the Romantic Style ballet, "Pas de Quatre", in this color-layered ensemble created for Santa Barbara Festival Ballet.

    Pas de Quatre Romantic Tutu Ensemble Pas de Quatre for Santa Barbara Festival Ballet
    Photo: Fritz Olenberger
    Pas de Quatre Romantic Tutu Ensemble Pas de Quatre for Santa Barbara Festival Ballet
    Photo: Fritz Olenberger

    Pas de Quatre Ensemble

    Choose your style of Tutu Bodice in Ballet Pink paired with a 5-Layer Romantic Tutu Skirt and off-the-shoulder "sleeves". This layered skirt and  sleeves include soft pink and peachy shades.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful Pas de Quatre tutus.  They were just perfect.  You were such a great company to work with, so helpful and the quality of your product is fantastic.  I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues and will keep you in mind for my next tutu project.
    Thanks again!
    Aimee Lopez
    Artistic Director, Santa Barbara Festival Ballet

    Photo credit: Fritz Olenberger
    Bodice Style Shown: Scoop Neck Bodice
    Skirt Style Shown: Romantic Tutu Skirt
    Embellishment & Headpiece: Santa Barbara Festival Ballet

  • Tutus for a Princess

    At Class Act Tutu, we have had a run of requests for tutus inspired by Disney characters.  From "Belle" (Beauty and the Beast) to The "Queen of Hearts" (Alice in Wonderland), we have come up with some simple and cost saving solutions for the perfect tutu for your Princess!  Here are just some of our ideas...

    Disney Princesses


    Use Colors

    Start with a basic bodice and add color blocking.  For our Queen of Hearts, we used a Black Sweetheart style Tutu Bodice with Red Center Front Panels and Red Cording.

    Queen of Hearts Tutu
    Queen of Hearts Tutu

    Add Some Options

    Add Arm Puffs and "Petals" (like our "Queen of Hearts" tutu above) or Sleeves (Yellow for our "Snow White" tutu below).

    We added a Lace-up Front and a Bow to our Scoop Neck Tutu Bodice , some lace trimming and an Apron to finish off that "Snow White" look.

    Snow White Tutu


    Play with Color Layers in your Tutu Skirt

    All of these designs feature our Romantic Style Tutu Skirt.  You can get a "petticoat" look by using several layers of color (yellow for Snow White, blue for "Alice") on top of 2 layers of white.

    It's amazing what you can do a lot with a few options and some color, don't you agree?

    If you would like some design assistance for this or any of our other tutus, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

  • Tutu Ensemble of the Week: Aurora Borealis

    Aurora BorealisGentle and graceful, teasing and elusive, the Aurora Borealis is nature's most dazzling display of perfection.   The Aurora Borealis  calls out to the explorers, dreamers, and star-gazers each evening, gently drawing them near for her private performance.  As she streaks across the heavens in a powerful fusion of color, wind and light, her admirers are rendered speechless--captivated and awestruck by the beauty which is hers alone.  This is the admiration she longs for; this is what brings her life meaning.

    You too can leave your audience speechless with the help of Class Act Tutu's "Aurora Borealis" innspired tutu ensemble! Choose your style of Tutu Bodice in Soft White paired with a 5-Layer Romantic Tutu skirt featuring cascading layers of snowy white, palest pink and icy blue, our Aurora Borealis ensemble is as stunning as the Northern Lights themselves. We  think this would made a stunning snow scene for your Nutcracker Ballet.

    For one week only, you can purchase this celestial charmer at an incredible savings! Click here to order.

  • "Lavender Meadow" Tutu Ensemble

    Our "Lavender Meadow" ensemble boldly goes where no "shrinking violet" has gone before! Taking our inspiration from nature's most fragrant fields, Lavender Meadow boasts a spectacular display of rich, vibrant color that is guaranteed to put a dash of "pizazz" in your Nutcracker's Waltz of the Flowers! Opulent hues such as wood violet, deep purple, lavender and soft pink create a show stopping ensemble that is sure to please audience members, both young and old alike.

    As with all of our exclusive Nutcracker ensembles, Lavender Meadow is available at an incredible savings for one week only! Order yours TODAY!

  • Sightings: Pointe Magazine, October/November 2010

    In the Costume Shop:  Magic is made behind the scenes.

    Thank you so much, Pointe Magazine, for featuring our "Happily Ever After" tutu in your article, In the Costume Shop:  Magic is made behind the scenes.  [ page 38]

    "Happily Ever After"


    This Classical Tutu design was created by CJDL Design for Class Act Tutu.  It features a Sweetheart Tutu Bodice style with a fabric upgrade (Gold/Silver Brocade), a Classical Tutu Skirt with Hooping and  Scalloped Edges.  The Embellishment is an amazing array of  hand-made fabric shapes with crystals, beads & painted accents.

    This is definitely one of our all-time favorite tutus. Just imagine how this gorgeous "Beauty" would look on stage! Whether you're dancing Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty--or any other Princess role--no Prince Charming could possibly resist!

    With all of its lavish design features and incredible "wow" factor, our Happily Ever After is more than just a costume--it's a fairytale dream come true!

    For information on how to purchase this tutu, please contact us.

  • A Rose...

    "A any other name would smell as sweet." ~ Quote: William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet. For centuries, the rose's elegant beauty and luscious fragrance have inspired countless visions of amour and romance. It is the symbol of true love and effortless grace, unrivaled in appearance and stature. Indeed, a rose is beauty incarnate.

    Class Act Tutu has captured the essence of this beloved blossom in our new " Rose Splendor" ensemble! This glamorous costume is just what your Nutcracker Ballet's, Waltz of the Flowers needs to thrill and dazzle your holiday audience.  This collection features a Dusty Rose Tutu Bodice in your choice of style paired with a 5-Layer Romantic Tutu Skirt in 3 shades of pink and a splash of buttery yellow.

    As always, with the addition of a new ensemble, there is a discount for the 1st week so order now!

  • "Arctic Dawn" Tutu Ensemble: PERFECT for your Snow Scene

    I'd like you to pause for a moment...and listen.

    Do you hear it? It's the whisper of winter, quietly waiting in the wings. Ready to make her grand entrance.

    Feel her cool, biting breath cascade along your neck and shoulders. Inhale slowly, deeply...allowing the fresh peppermint-laden scent to envelop your lungs. She's there, waiting to unveil her beauty.

    Travel alongside her to a snowy wood, where icicles shimmer--snowflakes dance and twirl--while bathed in cascading moonlight.

    Let your eyes drink deeply of the beautiful scene before you. Isn't it magical? Wonderful? Beyond description?

    This is how the thousands of ticket holders across the country view "The Nutcracker". To them, it's a wonder--an awesome beauty--to behold. No other ballet is more loved, more cherished, more inspiring than this one!

    To help make YOUR Nutcracker production the best one EVER, we're pulling together our most luscious ensembles and offering them to you at an INCREDIBLE SAVINGS!

    First up, we have our gorgeous "Arctic Dawn" ensemble. This icy creation is comprised of shades of aqua and snowy white, enhanced with a hint of pale orchid. This delicate beauty is sure to take your production's Snowflake variation from "same ol' routine" to "standing ovation"!

    And now for a limited time, you can order Arctic Dawn at an incredible savings!

    Don't wait! Like the elusive Northern Lights, this captivating beauty won't last long.

    Order yours TODAY!

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