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"Arctic Dawn" Tutu Ensemble: PERFECT for your Snow Scene

I'd like you to pause for a moment...and listen.

Do you hear it? It's the whisper of winter, quietly waiting in the wings. Ready to make her grand entrance.

Feel her cool, biting breath cascade along your neck and shoulders. Inhale slowly, deeply...allowing the fresh peppermint-laden scent to envelop your lungs. She's there, waiting to unveil her beauty.

Travel alongside her to a snowy wood, where icicles shimmer--snowflakes dance and twirl--while bathed in cascading moonlight.

Let your eyes drink deeply of the beautiful scene before you. Isn't it magical? Wonderful? Beyond description?

This is how the thousands of ticket holders across the country view "The Nutcracker". To them, it's a wonder--an awesome beauty--to behold. No other ballet is more loved, more cherished, more inspiring than this one!

To help make YOUR Nutcracker production the best one EVER, we're pulling together our most luscious ensembles and offering them to you at an INCREDIBLE SAVINGS!

First up, we have our gorgeous "Arctic Dawn" ensemble. This icy creation is comprised of shades of aqua and snowy white, enhanced with a hint of pale orchid. This delicate beauty is sure to take your production's Snowflake variation from "same ol' routine" to "standing ovation"!

And now for a limited time, you can order Arctic Dawn at an incredible savings!

Don't wait! Like the elusive Northern Lights, this captivating beauty won't last long.

Order yours TODAY!

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