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A Rose...

"A any other name would smell as sweet." ~ Quote: William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet. For centuries, the rose's elegant beauty and luscious fragrance have inspired countless visions of amour and romance. It is the symbol of true love and effortless grace, unrivaled in appearance and stature. Indeed, a rose is beauty incarnate.

Class Act Tutu has captured the essence of this beloved blossom in our new " Rose Splendor" ensemble! This glamorous costume is just what your Nutcracker Ballet's, Waltz of the Flowers needs to thrill and dazzle your holiday audience.  This collection features a Dusty Rose Tutu Bodice in your choice of style paired with a 5-Layer Romantic Tutu Skirt in 3 shades of pink and a splash of buttery yellow.

As always, with the addition of a new ensemble, there is a discount for the 1st week so order now!

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