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Class Act Tutu originated in 1992 after too many years of paying too much for poorly made dance costumes. Rebecca, the owner, said, “I can do better than that!”, and started a small home-based business just sewing for her daughter’s company while working full time as a nurse-midwife. Now, thirteen years later, Class Act Tutu has grown to a full time (and then some) proposition.

Even with over 40 years of sewing experience, Rebecca realized that her skills were not quite enough to do it all and do it well. Class Act Tutu has been adding more and more expertise to the team. We now have expert pattern-makers and a great team of seamstresses, so we can get more and more quality tutus and costumes to you in less and less time and for a lower cost. All of our products are created locally so we can maintain the highest level of quality control.

At Class Act Tutu we strive to offer professional quality ballet tutus and costumes with your needs in mind.

  • We are aware that funding in the arts can be tight.
  • We are aware that there are last-minute casting changes.
  • We are aware that much of the fun work of creating and embellishment you would like to do yourselves.
  • We also realize that, for that once in a lifetime performance, you may want a dazzling, ready-to-wear tutu, and you may want a tutu that no one else has had or will have.

So, we strive to offer a variety of options that will help to meet those needs.

Our "Basic Tutu" styles are available in many standard colors and standard sizes. You can choose just the options and accessories that you want and need. No more. No less. This keeps your cost at a minimum. There is also a discount for volume orders of the same color & style. We have a small stock of ready-to-go tutus for those last minute needs.

We hope you enjoy shopping at Class Act Tutu.

  Happy Clients