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Tacking Your Tutu Part 3: Step by Step

This is Part 3 in a series on Tacking Your Tutu. In Part 1, we talked about preparing your tutu for tacking. In Part 2, we introduced our favorite time-saving tool, the “Tagging Gun”.  We  explained the tools, where to find them, and how to get them ready. In this post we are going to take you step by step through one way of tacking a classical or bell tutu. We really want to emphasize that this is merely one way of tacking.

How you tack involves:

  • your choice of hand tacking or tag tacking,
  • the size of your tack,
  • how many layers of the tutu that you include in each tack and
  • how closely you place your tacks.

How you tack determines a large part of how your finished tutu will look. For example, using a short tack (1 inch) and tacking 3 tutu layers at a time, results in a tight, flat look (good for that “pancake” style). If you use a 2-3 inch tack, you will get a looser, fluffier look (good for a bell or “powder puff” style). We encourage you have fun trying different techniques. In this example, we are using a tagging gun.  Don’t worry! We will get to hand tacking in the future.

The Supplies

• A tagging gun.
• Fine tags to match your tutu color.
• Elastic to tie up your tutu layers.

Tacking Your Tutu

1. Turn your tutu top side up. Gather up all but the bottom 2-3 rows and secure with elastic.

Tied up Tutu


2. Check your tutu layers and make sure that they are alignment straight out from your panty (like the spokes of a wheel).
3. Point the tagging gun down and “shoot” the tag through all layers.  Be careful that you are catching just one layer of each of the ruffles.  HINT:  Pointing your gun downward for all of the lower layers results in the smallest side of the tag visible.



4. Continue tagging around your tutu skirt placing the tacks 2-3 inches apart and at least 1 inch in from the edge of the tutu ruffle.

Tack all around your tutu


5. Continue pulling down 1-2 layers and repeat steps 3 & 4 until you reach the top layer.

6. For the top layer, “shoot” the tags from the bottom upward (so the smaller end of the tag is towards the top of the tutu.

7. Hold your tutu upside down and right side up and check for “danglers” (pieces that dangle down).   If there are pieces hanging down, tack them in place so all is nice and flat and secure.

8.  Celebrate because you re done!!!

Next up, the hooped layer...

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