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Donald Byrd

  • Elissa Fuchs - 90 Years Old & Still Dancing Strong

    Looking for a little inspiration to keep your momentum going? Check this story out...

    How many people can say they'd like to continue working right into their 90's? Elissa Fuchs already is....It was nearly 90 years ago when Fuchs was only three years-old that she made the decision dancing is what she wanted to do.

    "That was all I wanted to do, go on the stage. And at 16, my dream came true through just a miracle," she said.

    Fuchs landed a job performing the Vaudeville circuit. That kicked off her career on Broadway, then performing with the world class Russian Ballet and then onto the Metropolitan Opera. Fuchs said she was doing what she was born to do.

    "I was someone else on the stage. I loved being on the stage," she said. Read the rest of this amazing story here.

  • Spectrum Dance Theater Unveils 2010-11 Season

    feature_10-11_smAttention all you Spectrum fans! This next piece of news is just for you.

    Spectrum Dance Theater has announced its 2010-11 season and from the looks of things, it's gonna be a goody. From their Press Release: "With two Studio Series, one main stage production, and three very unique collaborations, this season is bound to offer something for every taste...." The Fall Studio Series kicks off on October 8th. To learn more and to purchase tickets (you know you want to!), please click here.

  • Spectrum Dance Theater's Much Anticipated "FAREWELL"

    Spectrum Dance Theater.  Photo by Gabriel Bienczycki, Zebra Visual.


    This weekend, the Seattle Theater Group will unveil Spectrum Dance Theater's latest work:  FAREWELL:  A fantastical contemplation on America’s relationship with China.  This highly anticipated piece represents the second year in Spectrum's three year initiative, Beyond Dance: Promoting Awareness and Mutual Understanding (PAMU).  The goal of PAMU is to bring collaborators together from all over the world to create works that "examine issues relating to personal liberty, freedom, security and social justice." (Quote: Spectrum Dance Theater.)

    In FAREWELL, artistic director and choreographer, Donald Byrd builds a bridge between recent American and Chinese tragedies; specifically 9/11 and Tiananmen Square.

    In Part I: Considering Bejing Coma, Byrd draws inspiration from the novel, Beijing Coma written by exiled Chinese author Ma Jian.  This literary work tells the story of a young man who is shot while leaving the mayhem of Tiananmen Square, then suffers a waking coma and paralysis. In a creative twist, Byrd creates an American character who suffers the same fate, post 9/11.   In his now conscious but immobile state, the young man reflects upon his past and the events surrounding his country.

    Spectrum Dance Theater.  Photo by Gabriel Bienczycki, Zebra Visual.


    Part II is entitled, With Begging Bowls In Hand.  This piece draws its strength from a quote from a friend of Ma Jian's: “Foreigners come with begging bowls in hand. This is the future.” In this act, Byrd explores the delicate financial relationship between America and China.

    Farewell's musical score was composed by Seattle's own Byron Au Yong, a second-generation Chinese American.  Au Yong's perspective is sure to add a rich, unique layer to this complex, emotional and thought-provoking performance.

    You can catch FAREWELL at The Moore Theatre, February 18th--20th. For ticketing information, please visit Seattle Theater Group.

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